Superintendent of Schools David Title, for the second year in a row, is by far the highest-paid employee on Fairfield's public payroll.

Title, who is in his second year as the town's school chief, had gross earnings of $273,736 last year, bolstered in part by a $10,000 bonus from the Board of Education.

The next-highest-paid employee was police Lt. Keith Broderick, who grossed $173,641, with more than $80,000 of that in departmental and outside overtime -- the latter of which is reimbursed to the town.

The top two salaries set a pattern for the 50 highest compensation on the 2011 public payroll, which is dominated by school system administrators and police and fire personnel.

Following is the gross compensation for the 50 highest-paid employees on Fairfield's public payroll for 2011. (Police personnel's outside service pay is in parentheses):

Superintendent of Schools David Title, $273,736

Police Lt. Keith Broderick, $173,641 ($24,463)

Assistant Supt. Margaret Mary Fitzgerald, $171,392

Police Lt. Jeffrey Bloch, $170,662 ($4,100)

Police Lt. John Bucherati, $170,028 ($14,588)

Police Officer Gary Wikman, $167,189 ($48,430)

Police Lt. Chris Tursi, $165,189 ($50,280)

Police Lt. Thomas Mrozek, $165,600 ($12,611)

Fairfield Ludlowe High School Headmaster Vanessa Reale, $163,799

Fairfield Warde High School Headmaster James Coyne, $162,314

Police Lt. Michael Walsh $160,286 ($36,800)

Fire Lt. Alan Menillo $160,062

Director of School Operations Thomas Cullen, $156,478

Police Officer Kevin Wells, $156,258 ($30,324)

Assistant Fire Chief Chris Tracy, $155,335

Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Gary Rosato, $155,172

Roger Ludlowe Middle School Principal Glenn Mackno, $154,202

Police Officer Jeremy Zdru, $153,981 ($40,402)

Director of Special Education Andrea Leonardi, $153,519

Public Works Director Richard White, $153,240

Tomlinson Middle School Principal Connee Dawson, $152,196

Police Chief Gary MacNamara, $150,976

Fire Chief Richard Felner, $150,812

Police Lt. Michael Gagner, $149,938

Police Officer Keith Perham, $149,813 ($58,974)

Fire Lt. Doug Chavenello, $148,521

Assistant Fire Chief George Gomola, $144,680 ($749)

Osborn Hill Principal Alan Lipman, $143,376

Stratfield Principal Thomas Pesce, $143,376

Fairfield Woods Middle School Principal Greg Hatzis, $143,029

Police Officer Frank DeAngelis, $142,616 ($40,702)

Director of Elementary Education Ann Cutiaia-Leonard, $142,333

Riverfield Principal Paul Toaso, $141,180

North Stratfield Principal Deborah Jackson, $140,352

Sherman Principal Eileen Roxbee, $140,352

Police Detective Jason Takacs, $139,661 ($42,971)

Fairfield Ludlowe High School Housemaster Susan Ann Battersby, $139,430

Dwight Principal Brenda Anziano, $139,344

Holland Hill Principal Francis Arnone, $139,344

Fairfield Warde High School Housemaster Ginger Vail $138,817

Assistant Fire Chief Scott Bisson, $137,984

Police Detective Frederick Caruso, $137,591 ($3,221)

Police Officer Scott Sudora, $137,454 ($37,475)

Assistant Fire Chief Stephen Curry, $136,903

Fiscal Officer Paul Hiller, $136,766

Police Capt. Donald Smith, $136,379 ($16,788)

Sgt. Daniel Vanderheyden, $135,836 ($17,508)

Fairfield Ludlowe High School Housemaster John Atonello, $134,602

Roger Ludlowe Middle Assistant Principal Karen Eaker, $134,602

McKinley Principal David Ebling, $134,602