Fairfield resident Dee Cassella, a grandmother who didn't become a jazz vocalist until well into adulthood, will be playing two shows at The Kitano in New York City on Dec. 29.

She has shared her talent near and far, from Fairfield's Las Vetas Lounge to several sold-out performances in Moscow. The gig at The Gitano marks a return to familiar territory for Cassella, who had a sold-out performance there last year. Casella hopes to achieve that feat again in 2010. She will be singing standards and jazz tunes from the American Standards Song Book.

Cassella's music can be heard at www.deecassella.com. Her 2008 CD, "I'm Here Now," garnered numeorus positive reviews.

Suzanne Lorge, of allaboutjazz.com, said, "This recording is no amateur effort. Cassella's subtle phrasing on standards is so spot-on, and her scatting so easy, that you'd think she'd been performing in the best clubs for years. Soon, perhaps. of this debut CD is an indication of what's to come."

Joe Regan Jr of Cabaret Scenes, wrote, "Dee Cassella demonstrates effortlessly complicated melodies without any hesitation on the high notes or the soft notes."

Carol Fredette, a jazz singer and vocal coach, said Cassella's "flexible instrument possesses an uncommon combination of rich maturity and youthful buoyancy that in her wonderful song renditions expresses heartfelt warmth and honesty, excellent phrasing and diction."

There is no cover for what Cassella has dubbed her "Jazz Birthday" show, as the gig falls two days before her birthday. However, reservations are a must (212-885-7119). Cassella's two shows will commence at 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. The Kitano is located at 66 Park Ave. (at 38th St.).