There's nothing scary about this pre-Halloween weather forecast.

The region today will bask under sunny skies for what promises to be the warmest day in the current series of unseasonably balmy days.

The temperature across southwestern Connecticut is expected to reach into the low 70s today under nearly cloudless skies according to the National Weather Service. And not a drop of rain in sight through the weekend to spoil things for the trick-or-treat crowd.

Tonight, there are likely to be some clouds on the horizon and temperatures are expected to be in the high 40s.

Day and nighttime will be calm, with few breezes.

Tomorrow, while it promises to be sunny, will be cooler, according to the forecast. Friday's high is expected to be only in the mid-50s, and breezes will be stronger with some gusts as high as 17 and 20 mph.

Tomorrow night should be clear, and lows in the higher 30s.

Saturday is likely to be a replay of Friday, according to the NWS, with bright skies and temperatures in the mid-50s.

And Sunday, Halloween Day, promises to treat the region to temperatures of about 60 degrees during the under partly cloudy skies during the day, falling into the low 40s by evening.