FAIRFLED — Julie Suchenski, a 47-year-old Fairfield woman, was arrested for allegedly stalking her ex-boyfriend.

On Aug. 27, a man reported a series of ongoing incidents of stalking and harassment by Suchenski, his ex-girlfriend.

According to the complainant, he and Suchenski briefly dated in 2015 after meeting on an online dating site. After ending the relationship, the complainant said, they stayed in touch and would occasionally see each other around town. In these encounters, Suchenski would allegedly ask the complainant why he broke up with her and why she wasn't good enough for him.

The complainant stated that Suchenski’s behavior had impacted his work, family and relationships, and that he was in fear for his safety. He provided police with copies of emails and voicemails left by Suchenski since being warned to have no contact with him, as well as notes left at his car and house.

Since providing police with this statement on Aug. 27, the complainant contacted police and stated that Suchenski's harassment and stalking behavior had escalated. He provided notes, emails and text messages sent since that date.

Suchenski was arrested on warrant on Sept. 5 and charged with second-degree stalking and second-degree harassment. She was scheduled to appear in court on Sept. 8.