An elderly Fairfield woman became the latest local victim of a "grandma scam" last week.

The woman was duped into wiring $2,576 to Mexico City on Wednesday afternoon by someone claiming to be her grandson. She told police she had reservations about sending the money, as the "grandson" said he had been arrested in Bridgeport. However, a second person who talked to her -- calling himself "Roger David of the Bridgeport Police Department" -- said Mexico City is where the bail bondsman is located.

The money was wired by the woman from Super Stop & Shop on Villa Avenue. The victim was told that if anyone questions her about the money being wired, tell them it's for a relative on vacation. The grandmother didn't call her grandson's phone number until it was too late. It turned out he was "at school in Danbury, where he was supposed to be," according to Sgt. Suzanne Lussier, a Fairfield police spokeswoman.