An elderly Fairfield woman was scammed out of $3,000 Monday afternoon when a young man called claiming to be the woman's grandson and that he needed money to be bailed from jail in Canada.

The caller in this latest so-called "Grandma Scam" told the 88-year-old woman that he was in Toronto and had been jailed following an auto accident that was his fault. The "grandson" then turned the phone over to someone he described as his lawyer and told the Fairfield woman to go to her bank, withdraw $3,018 and then send the funds from a Western Union at the Stop & Shop on Madison Avenue in Bridgeport.

The fake attorney also provided instructions that if anyone were to ask what the money was for, that the woman should say it's for a friend who needs help, police said.

Even though the "grandson" claimed he was in Canada, the "lawyer" told the woman to wire the money to Spain, with a "Martin Lopez" as the recipient.

The woman fell for the scam, but later told police that she carried through with it because caller did sound like her grandson.

Sgt. Suzanne Lussier, a Fairfield police spokesperson, noted that many public warnings have been issued about the Grandma Scam because of earlier incidents. She again advised that people who received such calls verify with another relative if the grandchild is actually in Canada or wherever else they might claim they are.

In addition, the senior getting the call is recommended to ask for details from the "grandchild," such as, "Where do you live?"

"See if they know anything at all," Lussier said.