The talent of three disabled artists from Fairfield is on display in a colorful 2012 calendar that went on sale recently.

The trio is among 15 artists at The Kennedy Center in Trumbull whose works illustrate the facility's glossy calendar this year.

The Fairfield residents include:

Michael Daly. His painting "Sylvester," a rendering of a plump fowl, is an appropriate image for the month of November. The study in brown, gray, parchment and red is evocative of early American folk art and fits well in a month when thoughts turn to Colonial times.

Lisa Ellis. Her late-summer, waterfront scene "Reflections" has a nautical theme with a ropewalk and deep blue water, contrasted by green grass. The deserted waterfront gives a sense of summer fleeting and is a fitting choice to illustrate September.

Bonnie Kaehler. Her highly colorful painting "Ocean Swim" graces the inside cover of the calendar and is the first full-page image to greet the viewer. It's varied shades of blue punctuated by bright pinks and yellows enlivens the senses, as a dip in the sea would.

The calendar's chief underwriter was the People'sUnited Community Foundation

To purchase a calendar, visit and click on "Shop."