Fake check leads to arrest of Florida woman

FAIRFIELD — A Florida woman who tried to cash a check using a New Jersey driver’s license at a bank in Connecticut was arrested Oct. 6.

According to police, Yeney Caruncho, 25, of Miami, Fla., showed up at the Citibank branch at 1275 Post Road and tried to cash a check for $4,903. The check, and the driver’s license she showed for identification, had a different name than her own. Another woman had just attempted to cash a fake check at a Citibank in Norwalk and so police were called to the Fairfield location.

When police checked the New Jersey license, no information came back. At that point, police said, Caruncho showed them her actual Florida license. She also had a fake American Express card in her possession.

Caruncho was charged with three counts of criminal impersonation and one count each of criminal attempt at third-degree larcey and first-degree forgery. She was released after posting a $200 bond and is scheduled to appear in state Superior Court in Bridgeport Oct. 17.