Supports Farnen for state rep

To the Editor:

I am very pleased to be supporting my friend Brian Farnen for State Representative in the 132nd district, in the upcoming special election that’s taking place on Jan. 14th.

I’ve had the good opportunity to call Brian a friend for 15 years and I also served on the Representative Town Meeting (RTM) with him for one term. During our tenure on the RTM together, Brian always exhibited independence, worked across the aisle and put the good of Fairfield first, not party politics which I always found admirable. His ability to work collaboratively and with various stakeholders are qualities he also demonstrates each day in his job at the Connecticut Green Bank, the nation’s first green bank which aims to achieve cleaner, less expensive, and more reliable sources of energy while creating jobs and supporting local economic development.

The importance of bringing balance to Hartford is also mission critical now and in the coming years. Currently, Hartford is reigned by one-party rule, and that is unhealthy for a democracy (with either party in control), and it leads to complacency, a lack of discourse and opaqueness when it comes to policy making. Electing Brian Farnen to the General Assembly would bring much-needed balance and common-sense to our legislature. Brian’s commitment to working across the aisle is also evidenced by his recent endorsements from the Independent Party of Connecticut and Fairfield First Selectwoman Brenda Kupchick who previously held the seat for nearly a decade.

I am confident Brian will be a leader that we need during uncommon times and will continue Brenda Kupchick’s legacy of hard-work, dedication to each and every constituent and commitment to empowering our community and State.

Alexis Harrison

Member, Board of Assessment of Appeals


Farnen for Fairfield

To the Editor:

It has been my honor and pleasure to know and work with Brian Farnen over several years on many issues during our service together on the Representative Town Meeting. Like Brian, I’ve had a front-row seat to many financial and town issues our community has faced. Regardless of the issue, one thing was always clear - Brian Farnen would apply common sense and thorough preparation in his approach and discussion of any subject before him. Brian has always been transparent in his decision-making process and always open to opposing points of view. Because of this I came to greatly respect him and his abilities.

I'm confident Brian will make a great Connecticut State Legislator and apply his trademark common sense, research, preparation and bipartisanship to help resolve Connecticut's financial situation.

Alex Durrell, RTM-3


Vote for Leeper

To the Editor:

Almost three years ago, a woman named Jennifer Leeper reached out to me out of the blue because I was a Fairfield BoE member. She was interested in running for one of the BoE seats that was opening up that coming November, and wanted to talk to someone on the Board, to get a sense of what running and serving entailed. I set up a meeting with her although I was a little wary that someone I’d never heard of, who didn’t even have children in the school district yet, would be willing to step up for what can be at times an arduous job. By the time our meeting ended I was a Jennifer Leeper convert. She was smart, thoughtful, interested, open-minded and energetic. She was very aware that, as an unknown to town politics, she had a long and difficult road ahead to getting on the Board, but she felt she had the experience, drive and determination to make it happen. Ten months later she won a seat, and was the second highest vote-getter of ALL of the town-wide candidates that year.

Since then, Jennifer has proven herself to be a valuable Board member. She does her homework, asks insightful questions, and passionately advocates for our schools. When she told me that she was running for the open State Representative seat I was momentarily disappointed at the prospect of losing her presence on the Board, but the more I thought about it the more convinced I became that this is a logical step for her to take, and a new way for her to use her many talents and abilities to help the people of Fairfield. Her formal training in public policy at the University of Chicago and her past work on policy and data analysis for the State Department of Education in Hartford make her stand out as a candidate.

While I unfortunately cannot vote for Jennifer Leeper myself because I live in a different district, I am enthusiastically asking all voters in the 132nd District to please come out and vote for her at the Special Election on Tuesday, January 14. The polls will be open from 6AM-8PM, and there will be absentee ballots available at Town Hall starting on December 13 if you are not going to be in town on January 14.

We will have an intelligent, motivated voice in Hartford with Jennifer Leeper - please cast a vote for her on January 14! To learn more, check out Jennifer’s website:

Jessica Gerber


Endorses Leeper

To the Editor:

On January 14th, the 132nd district in Fairfield will be voting to fill the recently vacated seat in the CT Legislature. Both candidates claim to be “pro-education” and promise to support Fairfield public schools while in Hartford.

But, forget the promises… take a look at the RECORD.

Jennifer Leeper: During her two years on the Board of Education, Leeper has fought passionately to raise the level of educational excellence in Fairfield. In that short time she has:

(1) created and chaired the Board’s Finance Committee which tackles operating budget challenges while exploring revenue generating opportunities and operational efficiencies

(2) spearheaded a Math Academy for our highest achieving elementary school math students

(3) staunchly defended the renovation and expansion of Mill Hill to a 504 capacity so that our investment in that school was both financially sound and appropriately long-term and

(4) worked to raise awareness for the importance of financial literacy for our high schoolers.

Brian Farnen: On the other hand, has voted to decrease the funding requests advanced by the BOE.

1. In 2016, RTM member, Farnen objected to the teacher’s contract and voted to send it to arbitration - which cost the Town $90,000 in fees and resulted in no change to the terms of the contract. Then, in 2018, Farnen once again objected to the proposed teacher’s contract as “too rich” - a position that was thankfully not supported by the majority of the RTM’s members. In both instances, teachers had agreed to receive increases equal to the average for all Fairfield County - hardly extravagant.

2. He has voted for every cut to the BOE’s operating budget proposed by the Republican Party.

Our quality teachers deserve reasonable compensation and responsible budgets. Forget the promises. Look at their records. The choice is clear. We need Jennifer Leeper representing us in Hartford.

Philip Dwyer

Past Chair, Fairfield BOE

Support for Leeper

To The Editor:

I am a newly elected member of the Fairfield RTM and I currently serve on the Fairfield Democratic Town Committee's Executive Board so I have had numerous opportunities to interact with Jennifer Leeper who is running for State Representative in the 132nd District in a special election on January 14th.

I first met Jenn when she bravely decided to run for the Board of Education in 2016, despite having two little boys not yet of school age and no name recognition. Not only did she have to convince the Fairfield DTC that she was a viable candidate but she would have to also convince the entire town that she was worthy of their vote, and convince she did! I knew Jenn would be successful because when you meet her, her passion for public service is compelling.She is smart as a whip who exudes nothing but good judgment, sincerity and authenticity.

Jenn has been a valuable member of the Board of Education who has put in tremendous time and energy in improving the quality of education for all the children in Fairfield. I have no doubt that she will bring the same dedication, diligence and fervor to the legislature in Hartford. Her depth of knowledge of the issues related to Connecticut's legislature know no bounds.

So please join me and vote for Jennifer Leeper for State Representative on January 14th. Hopefully you will be home when she comes a knocking and will be as impressed with her as I am!

Laura Karson


Leeper for

state rep

To the Editor:

In September 2017, principally on whim inspired by my teenage son who had been given a homework assignment to volunteer for a political campaign, I ran for Fairfield’s RTM, District 8. I expected to engage in some quality mother/son bonding time as we knocked on doors and filled out postcards. I did not expect to win (by 11 votes!).

During the two years I served as a civic servant, I learned much about Fairfield and its political structure, including the myriad of ways that federal propaganda can irrationally influence local issues and conflict resolution principles. I cannot say that my baptism into the political arena was an entirely positive experience. However, without equivocation, I can say that I did meet some lovely people for whom I have much respect, including Brian Farnen (R), with whom I served on the RTM, and Jennifer Leeper (D), a member of the Board of Education.

Currently, each of Mr. Farnen and Ms. Leeper is running for election as State Representative. Regardless of the victor, I am confident that the vacancy created by Brenda Kupchnik’s departure will be filled by a qualified and upstanding person. I have nothing but good things to say about Brian.

However, I write to provide my strong support for Jennifer’s candidacy. Jennifer’s energy, enthusiasm and commitment to our community is unparalleled. She is a thoughtful and compassionate leader, whose educational background and experience in public policy, data analytics and consulting foundationally contributes to her being an effective and compelling advocate. With Jennifer as State Representative, Fairfield will have an exceedingly strong, determined and measured voice in Hartford.

I implore voters in the 132nd district to vote for Jennifer Leeper at the Special Election to be held on January 14, 2020. Your vote matters. Especially in local elections. More especially in local special elections. For more information on Jennifer, please visit her website at www.leeper .

Kerry E. Berchem


News flash:

It snows in December

It can’t possibly be only me. Beginning on December first it began. Armageddon. News of the pending onslaught of epoch weather is arriving at an alarming rate. Fill your gas tanks,stock up on water, have plenty of food on hand ,prepare your last will and testament!! The “storm” tracker vehicles are on the move! Every network is scrolling emergency shelter locations, politicians are rounding up the National Guard. Meteorologists have every stat from the last two decades on hand ready to reference.

And all of this sophomoric silliness is anaphylactic!! Here is my news alert. Now pay attention, this may be too ominous to handle with a calm demeanor. It is December! This is Connecticut! We get snow! This last “event” dropped a finger length amount of snow! Are you kidding me!? Please, spare us from all this nonsensical, frivolous frenzy of hard-up “reporting” and stick with actual newsworthy reporting. Happy Winter!

Joe Miro