Farnen issues response to DTC statement

FAIRFIELD — Brian Farnen, Republican candidate for the state legislature from the 132nd district, issued the following statement Thursday in response to a press release earlier this week from the Democratic Town Committee. The election, to fill the seat vacated recently by First Selectwoman Brenda Kupchick, takes place Tuesday, Jan. 14.

Farnen said:

“Our campaign has been grounded in doing what is right for Connecticut and for our community. Over the last seven weeks I have heard one clear message from voters: they want a government that is responsive to their needs and not one that is embroiled in bickering and platitudes. The Democratic Town Committee’s laundry list of petty assertions packaged in a release makes clear the difference between my opponent and myself. I am running for the State Legislature because I am concerned about the future of our state, our town and our collective future. My opponent said she is running because it is “the next step” (see news 12 interview).

“I know that Democratic Town Committee is very eager to win this election but press releases such as this only bring down our community and people like Jenn and I who decide to run for office. I am looking forward to the remaining few days on the campaign trail and I am proud of this campaign, and all of the campaigns I’ve been a part of. I will continue to be focused on an issues based campaign listening to voters and expressing my vision on how to turn around our state and best represent Fairfield.

“Answers to their claims:

I have always been open about my position with the Connecticut Green Bank, an organization that I’ve been always proud to be a part of. It is one of my life’s greatest accomplishments being a leader in the fight against climate change and creating good-paying jobs here in Connecticut. I also have an unambiguous Ethic’s opinion from the State’s ethics board approving of my ability to run for State Representative. There are no conflicts of interest.

“On the Sherman School directory — As a parent, RTM member and executive member of the Sherman PTA, I reached out to parents and friends before every election to explain my strong support on education.

“On the Mailer from First Selectwoman Brenda Kupchick — It was an important message from the First Selectwoman and I am proud of her support and endorsement.

“On the Community Theater — This message came from a key proponent of the renovation of the Fairfield Community Theater and that was something you’ll have to ask him about. I was not aware he was sending out a message of support but I welcome and am proud of his endorsement.”