FAIRFIELD — A list of districtwide and school capital projects was approved for bonding by the Board of Finance, amounting to $2.6 million in projects for the next 20 years.

Projects include a full replacement of six tennis courts at Fairfield Ludlowe High School, a replacement of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning controls at Dwight Elementary and a flooring replacement project at Tomlinson Middle School.

There are three separate amounts to be bonded in five-year incrementals. A 10-year bond for $581,755, a 15-year bond for $915,000 and a 20-year bond for $1.2 million.

The half a million dollar, 10-year bond will go toward the second phase of a districtwide network upgrade. The current system is “antiquated” and without an upgrade, it would become vulnerable and potentially a high security risk, school administrators said.

A security infrastructure project, which spans back to 2015 as a result of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, is also part of a $350,000 funding request that includes “intrusion panels on interior classroom doors and interior large windows into large places of assembly.”

Some finance board members debated making these security costs — which are made on an annual basis — part of the school’s annual operating budget as opposed to being a capital request.

“We do work very closely with police,” Superintendent Toni Jones said. “We’re only doing what the police tell us is absolutely necessary for school safety.”

Heating and air conditioning at some schools have also been a constant worry for parents and students.

Tom Cullen, executive director of operations, said the slated replacement of Dwight Elementary would likely be a “good test model to see how the design goes” for future projects with other schools.

Board of Finance Chairman Tom Flynn supported the bonds, but also asked for future updates to see if savings could be obtained from educational capital projects.

The capital projects were previously approved by the Board of Selectmen and will now proceed to the Representative Town Meeting, the body that will issue the final vote on the capital items in the coming weeks.