The Fairfield Board of Finance on Tuesday decided to wait for more information before voting on a request from education officials to fund a roof warranty program for local school buildings.

Though there was no dollar amount attached to the request, it is estimated the cost will be about $900,000 for the five school roofs.

"We have a new first selectman coming in and a capital plan review coming this summer," said finance Chairman Thomas Flynn. "I think it's perfectly appropriate under those circumstances not to pass along a potentially $1 million item."

Flynn said there was not enough information accompanying the request, specifically a report from the Town Facilities Commission requested by the Board of Selectmen when it approved the item last week.

Acting First Selectman Sherri Steeneck said they were told by school officials they wanted to get the program -- which includes repair work to existing roofs in order to extend warranties -- started this summer. She said she and Selectman James Walsh felt sending it to the TFC for review prior to the finance board meeting would allow the program to keep moving forward.

Fiscal Officer Paul Hiller said a TFC report would probably be available in the next 15 days, but added that even if the finance board had voted Tuesday evening to approve the request "the opportunity to get this done this summer was remote, at best." He said roof work cannot be done on schools still in session. "Their opportunity to get this done passed us about 60 days ago," Hiller said.

Action on the request was postponed until the board's July 27 meeting.