Customers fueling up at the Shell gas station on Black Rock Turnpike were startled Wednesday morning when the sensor on the fire-suppression system above the gas pumps was triggered, unleashing a shower of powder.

There were no injuries.

The white, fire-suppressant chemicals sprayed onto a Shell tanker truck, a mini-van and pickup truck, as well as coating the gas pumps and ground.

"It was like snow," said Steve Norris, who was working at a nearby store. Witnesses said the foam spray was startling.

The gas station and its convenience store were both closed at 11 a.m., but expected to reopen later in the day -- pending permission from a health inspector.

Firefighters from Engine 2 and Ladder 7 were dispatched to the scene. Employees and customers were examined by EMTs, but none were hospitalized.

Officials from Shell and Standard Oil, the owners of the tanker filling up the gas tanks at the time of the incident, also came to the scene to investigate.