Diane Krahm, fired by the Fairfield Police Department earlier this year after an investigation concluded that she sexually harassed a fellow officer, now says she plans to sue town and police officials releasing documents from that probe to the press.

"The release of these records to the newspapers violated the federal and state constitutions" because Krahm and her union representative objected, Krahm's lawyer, Charles Kurmay, states in the notice filed Friday.

He also contends the records were not properly redacted. "The private information contained in the records was used in several articles written about" Krahm, he said.

This is not the first time Krahm, the Police Department's first female detective, has filed a lawsuit against the department, though her previous complaints were ultimately dismissed.

The investigation began after the town Human Resources Department received a complaint that Krahm was sexually harassing Officer Tiffanie Bennett. Bennett, however, did not file the complaint. Included in the documents that were released was a letter Krahm wrote to Bennett, who is not gay, apologizing for making an unwanted advance. "I'm so sorry I ruined everything," Krahm wrote. "I apologize for making you feel uncomfortable."

In the letter Krahm also wrote: "I just wanted to kiss you ... And yes, even though I know you're not gay, I can be quite the pompos (sic) ass, because I am certain you would love it."

Krahm and Bennett had become friendly after Krahm offered to help Bennett study for a promotional exam, but eventually Bennett found the friendship taking an unwanted direction.

Kurmay's notice of intent to sue names the town, the Police Department, former Police Chief David Peck, Chief Gary MacNamara, Lt. Joshua Zabin, Bennett and Human Resources Director Mary Carroll-Mirylees, as well as "any other individuals whom initiated and sustained a false complaint of sexual harassment and claim that she was untruthful during an internal affairs investigation against" Krahm, and anyone who failed to promote or retaliated against her based on gender and sexual orientation.

"It is also claimed that the same conduct constitutes defamation of [Krahm] by the same individuals causing her great pain and loss as hereinafter detailed.," the notice states.