FAIRFIELD — It was Fairfield firefighters’ turn Tuesday to make way for ducklings.

Firefighters responded to a call of some ducklings stuck in a storm drain on Argonne Street. “We got a call from a resident,” Lt. Bob Smith said, and when they got there, found a mother duck and just one of her ducklings next to the roadway. Apparently, Smith said, the ducklings were following their mother when some fell through the slats of the storm drain grate.

The drain was about a foot and a half deep, Smith said, and firefighters were able to remove the grate and grab the six ducklings. “We were very happy to return all the ducklings to their mother,” Smith said.

On Monday, Westport firefighters and State Police were called upon to rescue the nine ducklings that fell in the storm drain after trying to cross Interstate 95. In that case, a ladder was needed to reach the ducklings.