Yes, firefighters actually do rescue cats from trees.

Wednesday morning, a woman walking her dog on Melville Avenue near Tunxis Hill Park heard a kitten’s cries and saw the tiny tiger stuck in a tree. She called the Fire Department.

Lt. Dennis Eannotti said the kitten was stranded about 24 feet up in the tree’s branches, so Firefighter Erik Hubbell was given the job of climbing a ladder to try to rescue the frightened animal and bring it back to the friendlier environs.

“Most of the time, the kittens or cats are scared when you get closer,” Eannotti said, but this kitten appeared to be happy to see Hubbell and grabbed on to him, eager to hitch a ride with him back to the ground.

Eannotti said the fire crew called Animal Control officers, but after hanging out with the firefighters briefly, the kitten took off for the woods. It was not wearing a collar or any tags, he said.

While rescuing a stranded cat may seem trivial compared to the dangerous risks that firefighters routinely face on the job, Eannotti said they took the opportunity to turn it into a training exercise of sorts — choosing the ladder’s location and determining the best access to the stranded victim, for example.