A food fight erupted among friends dining at Andros Diner, 651 Villa Ave., shortly before 3:30 a.m. Saturday.

The eatery's owner told police that "out of nowhere a fight broke out."

One man was bleeding from a head laceration when police arrived on scene. He said he was hit from behind and was unable to identify his attacker.

A witness said the brawl started in the diner when a male struck a female in the face. Immediately afterward, a number of people came to her aid. Dishes and other items were broken and damaged.

The female hit in the face did not have any visible injuries or marks and did not identify her attacker. The male struck in the head was taken to Bridgeport Hospital.

The group was ordered to leave and most were still in the parking lot when police showed up. However, two people fled on feet, according to police.

One of those suspects, William Gause, was apprehended by an officer a short distance away. Gause, 20, of Bridgeport, was charged with interfering with an officer. During the pursuit, Gause allegedly turned and said, "I didn't do anything. I'm going home." He is scheduled to appear March 4 in Bridgeport Superior Court.