FAIRFIELD — Car thefts continue to plague the town, with four cars reported stolen last weekend.

In many cases, the keys were left in the unlocked vehicle and one of the stolen vehicles — a black Jeep Grand Cherokee — led to a brief police pursuit onto Interstate 95 early Saturday morning. That Jeep was later recovered in Bridgeport, with some front-end damage sustained when it hit a fire hydrant during the pursuit.

Police began to the follow the Jeep, which was “caravanning” on the Old Post Road with two other cars around 4 a.m. Oct. 28. An officer attempted to stop the Jeep, which prompted the pursuit that was terminated once it got on the highway.

The Jeep, valued at $40,000, was stolen from a Rowland Road home. Two other unlocked cars in the same driveway were rummaged through, but nothing was taken. The Jeep keys were not in the vehicle when it was recovered, and according to the report, the ignition had not been removed.

Later Saturday morning, an Oldfield Road resident reported her 2015 Lexus RX was taken from her driveway overnight. The SUV was unlocked, and inside was an iPad, soccer equipment, and golf clubs. The car is valued at $50,000.

The Lexus, and a 2010 Audi A4 taken from Catherine Street overnight, are believed to have been the other two cars in the “caravan” police spotted on the Old Post Road. The Audi owner said the key fob had been giving her trouble, and she thought she had locked the car. The police report indicated the owner had both sets of keys in her possession.

An unlocked 2007 Toyota Prius was reported stolen Sunday evening from a Montauk Street home. The keys were inside the car, police said.