The Fresh Air Fund is looking for hosts to provide an underprivileged New York City child with a much-needed summer vacation. Fresh Air Fund coordinators from Westport and neighboring towns will explain the program and share their Fresh Air memories on Wednesday, March 26, from 11 a.m. until noon at the Westport Library.

Since 1877, the Fresh Air Fund, a not-for-profit agency, has provided free summer experiences to more than 1.7 million New York City children from low-income communities. Through the program, children 6 to 12 are invited to stay for one or two weeks.

"Hosting is very rewarding," said Westport host Bennett Dubson. "It is a wonderful opportunity to share our good fortune, and it is heartwarming to witness the joy it brings to both the Fresh Air Fund children and hosts alike."

Refreshments will be served. For information on the Fresh Air Fund Host Family Program, contact Westport-area representatives Dana Langham at 203-454-2627 or, or Bonnie Dubson at or 203-293-4824.