A water rescue at an icy pond Monday was yet another feather in the cap of Fairfield firefighters.

This time, however, the feather was real. A swan feather.

The event unfolded when firefighters got a call Monday afternoon from Animal Control Officer Paul Miller that a swan had become trapped in ice covering Perry's Mill Pond off Old Mill Road.

Engine trucks 1 and 4, and Ladder truck 1 were dispatched to the scene.

When the fire crews arrived at the pond, Firefighter Jordan Charney donned a cold water rescue suit and, after edging out on the ice to the swan, helped free the trapped bird from its predicament. Apparently unharmed, the big bird was able to paddle away to an ice-free section of the pond.

Fire Lt. Brian McHugh was the incident commander during rescue, which took about 20 minutes to complete.