I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who helped me in my campaign for the Board of Education. First, enormous thanks to Katie Holderied for her wonderful graphic design skills, without which I would not have had such wonderful palmcards and signs. Secondly, thank you to John Kuhn, who signed on as my campaign treasurer and helped me tremendously by filling out those insanely lengthy financial forms.

Thanks as well to everyone who wrote a letter to the editor for me -- from September to November. I had a constant stream of thoughtful, enthusiastic and supportive letters that really made an impact. I also want to acknowledge everyone who posted a yard sign -- they helped tremendously in the weeks leading up to the election. I owe a debt of gratitude as well to everyone who hosted a coffee or cocktail party for me -- it was a great way to meet so many people and hear their thoughts and concerns regarding the school district.

Special thanks go out to everyone who came to the polls on Election Day to support me -- Meg and John Kuhn; Dina and David Spaidal; Tracey Smith; Liz Benyon; Kathy Leverty; Christine Hogan; Dorene Herron; Aimee Bolash (and Claire & Lily); Michelle Baker (and Liam & Maddy); Karen & Emma Houghton; Renata Singh; Meg Capodanno; Kelly Dunn; and last but not least Sean Oppenheimer -- you were all tremendous! And my final thank you is to my wonderful, loving family -- Bill, John & Gillian. You all put up with my endless meetings and time away from home and gave me unwavering love and support which got me through the past six months, and which will continue to help me throughout the next four years.

I am humbled and honored to have been elected to the Fairfield Board of Education, and look forward with excitement to what lies ahead. I promise to work hard and dedicate myself to keeping our school system strong while always being mindful of the financial well-being of every Fairfielder.

Jessica Gerber