Former First Selectman Sherri Steeneck hopes someone will hop on over to the town's animal shelter to adopt two domesticated rabbits that are now calling the shelter at 211 One Rod Highway home.

The bunnies, both female and with black coats, are aptly named "Hip" and "Hop." The duo made an appearance at last week's Board of Selectmen meeting during the "Wednesday's Pet" portion of the agenda, which Steeneck continues to organize as way to promote adoption of animals from the shelter.

According to Assistant Animal Control Officer Bill McDonough, the rabbits were turned over by residents who found them roaming in their backyards. He said the bunnies can be adopted for $5 each.

Steeneck usually features a dog or cat available for adoption during "Wednesday's Pet," but two weeks ago brought a parrot. "One of the reasons we're bringing other animals," she said, "is the animal shelter doesn't just end at dogs and cats. There are all kinds of animals they pick up."

The parrot has since been adopted.

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