The fifth-grade North Stratfield Elementary School Girl Scout troop recently received a grant from the town's Adults and Children Together program to install several raised garden beds at Fairfield's Community Garden.

The beds are designed to allow youth, teens and adults in wheel chairs or otherwise disabled to work comfortably in the garden while interacting with the girl scouts and their families and other community garden members. Goals of the project include teaching people about nutrition through a series of workshops and creating more community and social support systems among diverse Fairfield populations, according to a club news release.

The project is a collaboration with seniors from the Warde Terrace senior residential complex, the Kennedy Center, a non-profit rehabilitation organization for persons with disabilities and special needs, and other groups. It is led by Eric Frisk, volunteer community garden coordinator, and Anne Tack, grant writer consultant and advocate for Fairfield's community and school gardens.

The flowers and vegetables grown in the raised beds will be donated to area food banks such as Operation Hope and used in the project's healthy food education and preparation program.

For information, contact Frisk at or Tack at