Kate Joyce was waiting outside Sherman School on Thursday afternoon for her son, Donovan, 5, who like thousands of other youngsters across town attended classes on the first day of a new academic year.

It was Donovan’s first day of kindergarten, and according to Joyce, it was a “momentous” day for the family. After all, she herself is a Sherman School graduate, and had made the same walk to the school.

With Joyce was her mom, Chris Hughes. “It means a lot to me, too,” Hughes said. “To make this walk again was so lovely.”

And judging by the way young Donovan greeted Mom when school let out, it was a pretty good day for him, too.

It was a pretty smooth first day for 2015-16 across the school district, Superintendent of Schools David Title said.

“I visited more than half the schools today, and the mood is very upbeat,” Title said. “I am sure that everything was not perfect, but it never is on the first day.” He said there were no “significant issues” reported by the bus company or parents.

“Parents, students and staff seemed eager to get the year started,” he said.

There are ongoing renovation projects at Fairfield Ludlowe High School, and Osborn Hill and Riverfield elementary schools, but Title said they all opened without issues. “All of the spaces scheduled to be completed at these three schools were done in time for the first day of school,” he said.

“The high schools served lunch to all students at the normal lunch time, which has not happened here in decades,” Title said. “Osborn Hill’s gym opened and the whole school looks great. Riverfield had a brief outside ribbon cutting and then families entered with their children to get a tour of the school.”

Works continues on the athletic field at Fairfield Ludlowe, but Title said it should be ready soon.