An observant employee of Super Stop & Shop, 1160 Kings Highway Cutoff, helped foil a "grandma scam" designed to swindle an 86-year-old Fairfield woman out of nearly $3,000.

The elderly woman arrived at the supermarket's customer service desk around 2 p.m. Monday, telling the clerk she wanted to wire $2,800 to her grandson, who she was told had been arrested in Canada.

However, employee Nadia Guarino, sensing this could be the latest example of the so-called "grandma scam" targeting elderly people -- refused to complete the transaction. She told the woman she would have to confirm the arrest of her grandson.

She subsequently contacted a relative of the woman, who told her that her grandson was safe at home and not in Canada.

Police Officer Scott Sudora came to the store and explained the "grandma scam" to the 86-year-old. The scam has been widely employed in attempts to bilk elderly people on the pretext of helping a grandchild in trouble.

Fairfield police officials praised Guarino for being so pro-active in foiling the attempted scam.