By Jarret Liotta

EASTON — Tradition, community and lots of great Greek food formed the basis for the 40th annual Fall Festival at St. Dimitrie Orthodox Church Friday evening.

“This is our 40th year of the festival, but our 95th year of the church being established,” explained Van Kolton, president of the parish council, with another special celebration scheduled for Oct. 6.

Despite the rain confining activities indoors on Friday night, visitors to the church fundraiser were treated to variety of homemade dishes, including lamb, orzo, stuffed cabbage, spanakopita and more. There was also a great selection of Greek desserts, all baked from family recipes by parishioners from throughout the area.

“Today is about celebrating our ethnicity,” Kolton said, as well as connecting with the community at large and welcoming it to the church.

“We love this festival,” said Lynn Corra of Bridgeport. “We always come.”

Kolton said well over 1,000 people were expected throughout the weekend.