Overnight rain eased in time for the weekly "sprouting" of the Greenfield Hill Farmers Market on Saturday afternoon, attracting fans of farm-fresh fruit and vegetables at the late-summer height of the growing season.

For one attendee, the visit was a first at the market set up at the Greenfield Hill Shopping Center. "I used to go to the farmers market at Brick Walk Plaza," said Cathy DeGregorio, who found a few items to purchase at Silver Pond Farm's table. "I like to get fresh products and support local farms."

For others, like Fairfield resident Priscilla Siano, the destination is a regular one. Siano participates in a Community Supported Agriculture program, in which members pay a set fee for fresh produce on a periodic basis.

Ren Brighton and Ross Hammond, who work for Ned's Island Oysters, were glad to be selling anything. Recent rains across Long Island Sound, their usual harvest grounds, have been temporarily closed to oystering. As a result, they were selling candles and related items made from oyster shells. "We made these up this past week and thought we'd try it," said Hammond as customers browsed their substitute wares.

The Greenfield Hill Farmers Market takes place weekly on Saturdays, from 12:30 to 4 p.m., through the end of October at the Greenfield Hill Shopping Center, Bronson and Hillside roads.