Charles Grodin, actor, commentator and author, recently visited students at St. Catherine Academy.

The visit was arranged after Grodin this summer approached pupils Kelsey Fontana, of Redding, and Edi Webbe, of Easton, at the Red Barn while they were having lunch with Fontana's mother, Nancy, Annie Drescher and Sonia Vielot, a teaching assistant at the school.

During the encounter, Kelsey and Edi asked Grodin several questions after realizing he played the father in "Beethoven," a movie featuring a St. Bernard, according to a news release.

Nancy Fontana explained they attend the academy, a school for students with special needs in Fairfield, and invited him to speak to the students at the school.

After his talk at the academy and a question-and-answer period, there was a monthly birthday celebration with a student-made cake resembling Beethoven.