A Oakwood Drive man wearing an empty gun holster, who triggered a scare at Holland Hill School when he dropped off his daughter for classes Thursday morning, was banned from school property when he returned later still wearing the holster -- a violation of the police warning he was issued because of the earlier incident.

Gregory Buonincontri, 39, also was issued a summons for breach of peace.

School personnel told police that Buonincontri appeared to have a gun on his person when he brought his daughter to the Meadowcroft Road school Thursday.

Officers were dispatched to the scene, but it was determined that Buonincontri's holster was empty. He told police he was in a rush to get to the school and did not have time to remove the holster, according to the report. They told him to remove it in the future, because the gun holster had caused alarm at the elementary school.

His car was checked as a precaution and the gun was not found there, according to the report. It is against the law to bring a gun on school grounds.

But later in the day, Buonincontri -- who has a permit for a gun -- returned to the school to drop something off for his daughter and again was wearing the holster, police said.

Officers were called to the school again, but when they arrived he was already gone. They went to his house and when Buonincontri answered the door he was wearing the holster, this time with the gun in it, according to the report. He said he did not have the gun when he had returned to the school,, having left it in his locked gunsafe.

Police issued Buonincontri a misdemeanor summons for breach of peace and he was released on a promise to appear Sept. 15 in Bridgeport Superior Court. They also delivered Buonincontri a letter from Superintendent of Schools David Title that bans him from any of the school district's properties.