FAIRFIELD — More fun than frightening, The Connecticut Audubon Society’s annual Enchanted Forest Halloween event was a popular happening on Friday night.

More than 200 kids and adults enjoyed guided tours along the trails, where they were introduced to owl ambassadors, saw some science experiments in action, and enjoyed a story by a campfire. Inside there were snacks, crafts, and more interaction with various animal ambassadors.

“There are so many fun activities for everybody,” said veteran volunteer Amelia Sullivan of Fairfield, who has helped out since she was 12. “It’s really a great event.”

“Candy’s not the focus,” said Shari Greenblatt, executive director. “It’s a way to get kids out of their house (to) connect with nature.”

Many kids came in costumes, met by staff and volunteers who did likewise.

“They all have a good time,” said Tricia Kevalis, program director, who has taken part in the event for close to 20 years. “And it’s good to see all the families together.”