FAIRFIELD — The graduation dates and last day of school for Fairfield high school students has been scheduled June 14 for the 2018-19 school year.

“It is also proposed that Friday, June 14, 2019 be the last day of school as an early dismissal day, district-wide for all students. With this proposal, Fairfield students will have 181 instructional days,” an email from Schools Superintendent Toni Jones on April 9 stated.

Teachers are required to report the following Monday, June 17, in order to meet their contractual obligations, Jones added.

The Board of Education approved the June 14 graduation date unanimously at its April 9 meeting.

Board member Jennifer Maxon-Kennelly noted that there had been some confusion among residents regarding the date and location for graduation.

“This year was an unusual year with only two snow days,” Jones said. “Previously we’ve had more snow days, it’s very different when we’re talking about bringing all of our students back for half day on Monday.”

Other school board members had hypothetical questions about upcoming inclement weather.

“God forbid we have a heat wave in June,” Nick Aysseh said. “What would happen if we had an unforeseen closure between now and the end of the year?”

Jones responded that, under state law, there have to be 180 instructional days of school. At the current pace, students are on track for 181 days.

“Generally for us, we have enough cool zones that we haven’t had to have a full day off, it’s not ideal,” Jones said. “I’m hoping it doesn’t get hot until we get out of school.”

Bob Smoler, president of the Fairfield Education Association, voiced concern during the public comment session that the graduation date would be difficult for observant Jews to attend due to a religious holiday that same Friday.

“Some of our families may not be able to participate in the celebration of graduation,” Smoler said. “I wanted to throw that out for consideration ... for those families it’s a very serious and solemn occasion.”

Jones added that students may also have college orientations the Monday after graduation and that many factors were taken into consideration.

“We did consider that issue,” Jones said. “One aspect was that we have also changed in how inclusive we are as a school district ... we have tried to be very responsive to religious holidays, which by law we have to be.”

The award ceremonies, annual events for seniors at both high schools, are scheduled for the day before graduation, June 13.