Frankly, there was quite a surprise in store for shoppers Friday afternoon at Super Stop & Shop on Villa Avenue.

The celebrated "Wienermobile," a hotdog-shaped vehicle promoting Oscar Mayer franks, paid a visit to the supermarket. Oscar Mayer has used iconic hotdog-on-a-bun vehicles to promote its brand since the 1930s.

The Weinermobile team showed off the vehicle to the curious during the several-hours-long local visit, and passed out Oscar Mayer-branded whistles, coloring sheets, stickers, postcards and clips.

Measuring 27 feet long, the current design of the hot dog on wheels is made primarily of fiberglass mounted on a 1.5-ton bread truck chassis.

The Weinermobile making the Fairfield stop is one of six in Wisonsin-based Oscar Mayer's fleet, each of which is assigned to a specific region of the nation. The drivers, known as "hot doggers," train for 40 hours with police in Madison, Wisc., to ensure safe navigation of the distinctively shaped vehicle. The 12 hot doggers who now drive the six trucks are recent college graduates chosen from some 1,500 people who apply yearly, according to company officials.

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