Housatonic Habitat for Humanity helping veterans

DANBURY — Housatonic Habitat for Humanity is reaching out to veterans to build affordable Habitat homes that are not just a roof over their heads but a place to finally call “home.”

Fran Normann, Executive Director of Housatonic Habitat for Humanity, said, “We call it the Veteran’s Initiative…. Housatonic Habitat is partnering with veteran’s organizations including the Connecticut Veterans Chamber of Commerce as well as local firms exemplified by Gridiron Capital of New Canaan who are working together to build affordable homes for the brave men and woman who have sacrificed so much serving our country.”

According to Normann, there is no one size fits all approach to the transition from military to civilian life. “A home that they can call their own is the key”

Housatonic Habitat for Humanity supports local veterans not only though homeownership but also home repair and volunteer programs connecting veterans more intimately with their communities, according to a statement.

“We connect them with volunteer opportunities that provide peer support that is crucial to post service. Not surprisingly, 92 percent of veterans want to continue serving their country after leaving the military…we offer action-oriented programs that allow them to do just that with vital new missions closer to home.” Norman said.

For more information, www. housatonichabitat.org.