It's been the talk of the town since Sandy unleashed her wrath on Fairfield a week ago.

"Did you see it?" was the question asked of people who ventured to the Pine Creek area.

"It" is a house, knocked off its foundation near the end of Fairfield Beach Road and into the creek.

The partial structure -- captured in photos published in last Wednesday's Fairfield Citizen -- floated up and down the creek with the tide.

The house was on a return trip when Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman visited the neighborhood during an inspection of Fairfield storm damage last week.

While it was a novel aspect of the wide-ranging debris left in Sandy's wake, the house -- actually, just the building's finished attic -- was a hazard as it floated with the tide, often banging into docks that line creek.

At first, town officials tried to tow or push the building to the Pine Creek Avenue side of the creek, but it became stuck on a sandbar.

There it sat Tuesday morning, tethered to a nearby dock.

Police divers and a crew from Green Giant Lawn Care took a different tack Tuesday.

Divers swam and walked out to the structure, attaching chains to it that were then attached first to one payloader, and then to another, in an effort to pull the house off the sandbar.

The sound of cracking wood mixed with the whine of spinning tires as the trucks backed up. The house seemed to move, even if just a little, but then would budge no farther.

The front wall came off, as did the roof, exposing the attic jam-packed with household furnishings, perhaps stored there in an attempt to keep them out of harm's way when Sandy hit.

On Tuesday afternoon, the crews were still there, still trying to get the house frame and furnishings out of the creek.

According to the Vision Appraisal assessment website, the 2170 Fairfield Beach Road home is owned by Dorothy Troy, Thomas Bozzi and Anna Marie Luciano.

The house, built in 1900, had an assessed value of $506,310. It was described as one and one-quarter stories tall, with three bedrooms and encompassing 986 square feet of living space.; 203-556-2771;