She's from a different generation, a generation that went to church or synagogue a little more often, a generation that ate dinner together with family as part of the daily routine.

While it might not have anything to do with her age or the values of the era she grew up in, a 77-year-old Fairfield woman did the right -- and unselfish -- thing Friday when she turned in $500 she found in the lobby of the Bank of America office on Black Rock Turnpike.

In these tough economic times, not everyone would try to make sure $500 in "found" money would be returned to the rightful owner -- particularly during the holiday shopping season when every penny is precious.

But the humble woman -- who asked not to be identified -- never wavered. She initially told bank employees about her discovery, but was told no one had inquired about lost money. The woman then made her way to the other side of town to deliver the funds to Fairfield police at department headquarters.

Contacted by telephone, the woman declined any attention for her good deed. "I don't want any publicity," she said, but finished by wishing this reporter happy holidays.

As of Thursday, the cash had not been claimed.