A stint as chairwoman of the Board of Education didn't dissuade Pamela Iacono from seeking the moderator's job on the Representative Town Meeting. In fact, it was one of the reasons she sought a new role on the legislative body.

Iacono, a Republican from District 9, was unanimously elected moderator Monday night, becoming the second woman in the legislative body's history to take on the job. The first was Mary McCullough, R-3, who decided to not seek re-election to the position.

Primed with a "cheat sheet" that matched the 49 members' names with 49 faces, Iacono took the gavel and led the RTM through an agenda that included two union contracts. The cheat sheet was provided, she said, by Deputy Moderator Hank Ference, R-3, who was re-elected to his post.

"When Mary decided she didn't want to seek another term, I thought I would step forward and offer my experience as past chairman of the Board of Ed," Iacono said, adding that her recent experience working on the bipartisan Redistricting Committee "showed my ability to work across the aisle."

A new Redistricting Committee was formed earlier this year in the aftermath of months of bickering and gridlock among members of an earlier redistricting panel, which ultimately ended when a Republican-sponsored voting map was tossed out by the courts. Iacono chaired the reconstituted Redistricting Committee, and its recommended voting map is currently before the RTM with little of the haggling that swamped the earlier plan.

"I decided I wanted to take these two skills and put them to use as moderator," she said.

The moderator runs the RTM's monthly meetings, keeping track of parliamentary procedures and tries to keep the discussion germane to the topic at hand.

"I consider myself to be a fairly organized person," Iacono said. "I know this job takes a lot of that."