Actor Ian Ziering’s appearance in Fairfield last Friday had less to do with Hollywood, and more to do with health and lifestyle.

The actor, best known for his roles as Steve Sanders in the television teen drama series “Beverly Hills 90210” and Fin Shepard in the wildly popular cult classic “Sharknado” movies I, II, III “and soon to be IV,” he said, was in town to promote a line of anti-aging and health products.

Ziering began using Nu Skin products six years ago and said he is so convinced of their efficacy that he has become a distributor for the company.

Nu Skin’s logo is the Fountain of Youth. “If Ponce de Leon could have only seen this,” said Ziering, who was a contestant on season four of “Dancing with the Stars.”

Ziering traveled from his home on the west coast to shadow Laura Kall Felton, of Westport, an independent distributor and one of the top sales leaders in the 31-year-old company.

“If you want to be successful you have to do what successful people do,” he said.

Felton said she has worked for the company for 27 years. When she started Nu Skin was a $20 million company with limited distribution. Today, it is a $2.6 billion company traded on the New York Stock Exchange with products available in 54 counties.

Felton and Ziering worked in concert with Julie Vanderblue, a local realtor who established the Vanderblue Team, an affiliate of Higgins Group. Vanderblue provided the venue, a house at 3236 Congress St., which is on the market. Vanderblue spoke about the importance of “keeping a healthy home, keeping a healthy body, keeping a healthy mind.”

Vanderblue said she is not one to endorse many products but she is impressed with the science behind Nu Skin, the company’s innovation, and its corporate philosophy of social responsibility. A portion of Friday’s proceeds will go to Her Haven, a Monroe-based non-profit “Bringing beauty and comfort to those in need via an extensive community of support,” according to its website.

Ziering was also attracted by Nu Skin’s corporate culture of giving through its philanthropic arm, the Force for Good Foundation, and the company’s green initiatives. Giving back is close to his heart. “Success unshared is failure,” Ziering said.

During his appearance on season seven of Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” Ziering championed the Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation raising money for attempts to find a cure for the blistering disease, the effects of which range from minor to life threatening. Children with EB are called “Butterfly Kids” because their skin is as fragile as a butterfly’s wings, Ziering said. Nu Skin donated $160,000 to his charity while he was a contestant on “Celebrity Apprentice.” In all, he raised $320,000 for EB.

“Money buys science, science buys life,” he said.

Ziering also took a moment to weigh in on the presidential election and Trump’s candidacy. He got to know Trump well during the filming of Celebrity Apprentice. “I think he would make a very effective president in terms of his strengths,” Ziering said. “His economic strengths are unmatched. And where he may have weaknesses I know that he would fill out his cabinet with people who would be capable of fulfilling his campaign slogan, ‘Making America Great.’ ”

He stopped short of committing to vote for Trump should he get the Republican nomination, preferring to wait until closer to the 2016 election to make a decision.

Felton and Ziering introduced the Nu Skin products and its business opportunities to dozens of people who were invited to the private event. People were intrigued by the products, which do not contain chemicals. They were also thrilled to pose for photos with the star. Danielle Smith, of Trumbull, said she can’t wait to show a friend the photo of her and Ziering. “She’ll be so jealous,” Smith said because that friend is a major “Sharknado” fan who hosts parties when the movies air on TV.

Information about Nu Skin is available through its website,