Images of emptiness in Fairfield

FAIRFIELD — “Taking photos of the emptiness?” a woman called from across the echoing cavernous street in a silent downtown Southport near the harbor.

There were a couple of walkers here and there, and an occasional car, but for an early spring Friday afternoon, the numbers remained strikingly low.

Those who were walking in Fairfield Center were equally quiet, urged on by the intimidating silence of numerous closed storefronts.

A Metro-North train from New York City pulled up at the downtown station, doors opened, and the train sat for several minutes.

“We’re early,” the conductor noted, putting the passenger count at about 25 for the entire dozen cars.

Meanwhile, at the adjacent Nauti Dolphin, pizza was being prepared by a safety-conscious staff for a steady stream of exterior pickup.

Co-owner Greg Roberts acknowledged the strangeness of things and the tension in the air, but pointed out the bright side — with so many things curbed or at a standstill, pollution and carbon emissions are seeing breath-giving lows!