FAIRFIELD — It was less about learning to cook than it was cooking to learn Thursday afternoon, when the Fairfield Wood Branch Library held a popular class for children that combined literacy, language and food.

Librarian Barbara O’Brien, who also works part-time as a teacher at Greenfield Hill Nursery School, has conducted these periodic lessons for several years for primary-grade kids. Thursday’s activity included her reading a story called “Grumpy Monkey” by Suzanne Lang, and then helping the children construct their own of banana splits.

“First of all, it’s just fun,” she said, noting that children who have a hands-on experience preparing their own food tend to value it. “They’re more adventurous and they eat more.”

“This is our Good Reads, Good Eats program,” said children’s librarian Stefanie Bergstrom. “It is a fantastic bridge of literacy and STEM through cooking. ... It’s always one of our most popular programs. And Miss Barbara is amazing.”