FAIRFIELD — “I’ve been doing improv for a really long time,” said 18-year old Noah Slager of Fairfield, who now teaches a workshop class for teenagers at the Pequot Library on Wednesday afternoons.

The workshop — being taught over a nine-week session — is aimed to give young people, ages 12-15, the basics of doing improvisational acting technique.

“It really just came out of my history of doing improv,” said Slager, who wanted to share the experience, skills and laughter of this freeform acting technique.

Along with teaching some basics of performance, it’s also geared to fostering communication skills, particularly helping young people get more comfortable with expressing themselves.

“In additional to being really fun, it helped me learn to express myself better,” said Slager, who began doing improv at age 12 and found it gave him confidence and a comfort with communication.

“This class really gives me the opportunity to express myself,” said 12-year-old Owen Phillips. “It’s sort of like writing without having to do any of the work.”