After the snow stopped falling overnight, the 6- to 9-inch totals in Fairfield and around the region generally were lower than forecast Tuesday, when the National Weather Service predicted as much as a foot or more of snow could wallop southwestern Connecticut.

Another plus: The snow was light and fluffy, easiest kind to shovel -- if there is such a thing.

The NWS forecast was closer to the mark, however, regarding the bone-chilling temperatures that are gripping the area today -- and expected to keep things in the deep freeze until Saturday.

The daytime high temperarture Wednesday was expected to rise no higher than the mid-teens and then plunge to about zero overnight -- with wind-chill values as low as minus-11 because of a northwest wind 7 to 10 mph, gusting as high as 21 mph.

Thursday will be nearly as cold, with a dyatime high struggling to reach about 20 degrees and an overnight low of about 7 degrees. Plus, there is a chance of "snow showers" during the day, according to the weather service.

Friday will be pretty much the same, temperature-wise, although things start to "warm up" overnight as the low temperature falls "only" to the mid-teens.

On Saturday, however, the NWS predicts the temperature will rise above freezing -- although just bearly -- for the first time in days to a high in the mid-30s.

And there could quite literally be "icing" on that meteorological cake: a 50 percent chance of snow.