Until we moved in April, my Weight Watcher’s therapy was working like a charm. I had my weekly Free Style points under control, I had stopped overdosing on doughnuts and cupcakes, my two favorite desserts. And I was down nearly 18 pounds. Life was good.

Then, following our move to Stratford, temptation reared its ugly head in the form of Donut Crazy in Stratford’s Paradise Green, our new neighborhood. Within days, my wife and I were hooked and we’ve had all we can do ever since to avoid being committed to a Weight Watchers doughnut rehab center. These Donut Crazy doughnuts are so wicked good that each one we try make us feel like we’ve died and gone to pre-diabetic heaven.

This little piece culinary art is located at the far end of Paradise Green and when we stopped there last Saturday with our younger daughter and her husband from Michigan, the line was out the door. The place also serves cooked-to-order breakfast sandwiches and cereals along with the doughnuts and those are equally as addictive, especially the breakfast burrito. My son-in-law raved about the place and wondered when a Donut Crazy shop might open in Ann Arbor where they live.

As for the doughnuts, where shall I begin? Each one has a special name and characteristics. For instance, my wife, who had picked up a dozen donut crazies for her Maj Jong group, managed to keep one cannoli doughnut aside for “moi”. This little charmer had a large dollop of cannoli frosting and chocolate chips on top and buried in the dough was more cannoli filling. This doughnut, like all the selections, was really a small cake, dripping with more Weight Watcher points than I care to imagine, so I decided to wait until after my weekly weigh in the next morning to even eat it.

When I bit into the doughnut after my meeting, I thought I died and went to Heaven. It was pure, creamy frosting. I knew I had to try more of these crazies.

The following week after her weigh in, my wife tried a peanut butter and jelly doughnut, swirling with peanut butter frosting. She gladly shared the names of other choices I might like - Red Velvet, strawberry, Cookie Monster, Cafe Mocha, Nutella, Coffee Cake, Maple Bacon and Movie Night among so many others. I learned from checking out the Donut Crazy web site that there’s even a Donut Cheeseburger.

When we first discovered Donut Crazy, I thought there was just this one in Stratford. After a little research, I learned that there are shops in Westport, Shelton, Stratford and New Haven, with a new one slated to open soon in West Hartford.

Back in 2011, owner Jason Wojnarowski acquired Donut Inc. in Stratford to branch out into another family business (Wojnarowski & Sons has been building beautiful homes in Connecticut for over 40 years). What started as a small coffee shop transformed into a mecca of confection concoctions when it was decided to bring all baking in-house, giving Jason and his team the creative freedom to think outside the box. And did they ever!

The slogan on the Donut Crazy web site is something like Crafted with love, covered in crazy. And the slogan couldn’t be any more on target. We even met a delightful lady, whom we assumed was one of the owners, and she gave our hungry canines some home-made dog biscuits.

Meanwhile, I decided to chow down on a birthday cake doughnut, dripping with white frosting and sprinkles. It was amazing and since I had already gained nearly four pounds from the week before, I decided to just throw frosting to the wind. I wasn’t sorry.

This past Sunday, I gazed at my strawberry and Cannoli donuts in the refrigerator and couldn’t figure out which one was calling louder to me. In the end, I decided it was the cannoli doughnut and proceeded to let it just melt in my mouth.

“I still have five days between me and the scale,” I told myself, “so I’m going to just enjoy today. As I licked the chocolate chips off my lips, I closed my trusty tracker and just savored the flavor. I will definitely be back at Donut Crazy to get my sugar fix and I can’t wait to share half a Red Velvet, half a Movie Night or something equally decadent with my wife.

Steven Gaynes is a Fairfield writer, and his “In the Suburbs” appears each Friday. He can be reached at stevengaynes44@gmail.com.