It's time for that annual autumn ritual of the suburbs: falling foliage and the chore of cleaning it up.

In Fairfield, collection of the leaves will get under way the week of Nov. 15 when, presumably, most foliage will have fluttered to the ground. Leaves will be picked up over the next four weeks -- all neighborhoods, except Greenfield Hill -- until Dec. 10.

Greenfield Hill residents should call the town garage -- 256-3177 -- on Nov. 15 to schedule a leaf pickup sometime before Thanskgiving. They may call the following week to arrange for an additional pickup.

In the rest of town, there will be no specific daily schedule for the leaf collections. However, town officials say the bagged leaves should be curbside by 6 a.m. Monday of each week to assure pickup at some point. Leaves must be in biodegradable paper bags, which should not be sealed.

Officials say the following materials will not be picked up: loose leaves, brush, branches, wood, grass or leaves in plastic bags. Also, bags set outside the town's right-of-way -- such as along driveways, or inside stone walls and fences -- will not be picked up.

Leaves should not be raked loose into the streets or onto curbs, where they could block catch basins and cause local flooding.