FAIRFIELD — Two restaurants, Chef’s Table and The Chelsea, failed health inspections in January for a number of violations that left them below standards.

Businesses in Fairfield fail Health Department inspections when they receive a score below 80 out of 100 or when they receive a single four-point deduction. A second inspection is generally scheduled for two weeks after the initial assessment.

The Chelsea, at 12 Unquowa Place, failed on Jan. 6 with a number of minor infractions and two four-point demerits that earned it a 72.

The first four-point strike was for having a blocked hand-washing sink for employees. The second was for having an unlabeled spray bottle next to sugar.

They had over 15 other minor demerits including ones for using a milk crate as a shelf, not having sanitizer test strips and having a leaking faucet with a slow drain in a three-bay sink. The restaurant passed its follow-up inspection on Jan. 22 with a 99.

Manager Mike Fedell said the restaurant was marked for a “lot of small things,” adding that none of them were related to how the business stores its food.

“We just had a lot of minor infractions,” Fedell said. “Some that I agree with and a lot that I don’t agree with.”

Chef’s Table, at 1138 Post Road, scored an 80 on the overall inspection but had two four-point demerits. It also had a hand-washing station blocked. The restaurant was also marked up for having sandwiches kept in a display case that was warmer than the required temperature.

Other infractions included having moist wiping cloths not in sanitizing solution and not having soap, paper towels and a trash bin at all sinks.

Management was not available for comment. According to the health department, Chef’s Table is scheduled for a reevaluation the first week of February.