Colorful kites of all shapes and sizes will soon fill the sky above Jennigs Beach, as the Fairfield Police Athletic League's "Bigger and Better Kite Contest" makes its return on Sept. 19.

Prizes will be awarded to children 18 and under for highest kite, most beautiful kite, biggest kite and the best "Back to School" kite, according to Joe Fischer, a member of the PAL board and chairman of the kite committee. Store-bought or hand-made kites are welcome.

Last year's contest saw more than 100 children flying kites, a record for the PAL event. However, Fischer expects that record will fall by the wayside in 2010.

In addition to the lure of prizes, the annual event will also feature The ConnectiKITERS, a famous flying club that has won awards for its high-flying creations. Carabiner's Indoor Climbing will also be on-site with a portable rock climbing wall. Professional staff will be on hand to teach and guide all levels of climbers.

Even if children don't win one of the special prizes being awarded, no one will walk away empty-handed, according to Fischer.

"Everyone gets a prize of some sort," he said.

Fischer has been working hard on securing gift certificates from a slew of local businesses; some donated without being asked. Fischer said he recently visited Colony Grill and asked if he could put a flier up in a window. Not only did the owners oblige, they also gave him 30 gift certificates for the PAL event. There will be gift certificates for everything from movies passes to ice cream, and Carabiner's is offering up a free birthday party.

Fischer said nothing will stop the kite contest from taking place, unless there's absolutely no wind on Sept. 19.

"Then we declare it a no-win situation," he said. The "Bigger and Better Kite Contest" will take place from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

"It's a beautiful event. It's a nice family thing to do," Fischer said.