The Jewish Home for the Elderly has changed its name to Jewish Senior Services, a rebranding the nonprofit said better reflects the range of services it offers beyond nursing home care.

The new name coincides with the organization's 40th anniversary and was announced Tuesday by President and Chief Executive Officer Andrew H. Banoff.

In addition to its skilled-nursing and rehabilitation facility at 175 Jefferson St., Jewish Senior Services has a second center at 1 Post Road. It offers an adult daycare program, home care throughout Fairfield and New Haven counties and hospice services at multiple locations, including assisted and independent living complexes.

"We recognize the need to better communicate the wide range of services we already offer to seniors and their families," Banoff said in explaining the name change. "The name Jewish Senior Services reflects that we are much more than a nursing home."

Jewish Senior Services has 800 employees, and its nursing home has a top, five-star rating from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

As part of efforts to market the new brand, Jewish Senior Services will sponsor events put on by the Levitt Pavilion for the Performing Arts in Westport and Friends of Israel Scouts' Tzofim Friendship Caravan.