It was all a little hair-raising, but using with puppets and harmonica while attired in wash rags, a zany performer kept children entertained at the Fairfield Museum and History Center suring a school vacation week program last week.

Rolande Duprey, held the youngsters' attention with her re-interpretation of the fairy tale, "Rapunzel." On loan from Purple Rock Productions, Duprey holds a master's of fine arts degree in puppetry from the University of Connecticut, where she studied with Frank Ballard. She has taught puppetry and storytelling for the past 25 years and is a teaching artist with the Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism.

"We do a lot of family friendly activities during vacation week," said Christine Jewell, the museum's director of education. "It's great this year especially to have a performer as it ties in well with our `Bravo!' regional theater exhibit."

Hartford-based Duprey said she performs extensively throughout Massachusetts, New York and Connecticut, doing both solo and collaborative work. "I'm a 4-year-old at heart," she said.

Duprey used simple props like a sheet slung over a clothesline, various baskets of washing, clothes pins, a washboard and an iron -- items that evoked memories of interacting as a little girl with her grandmother on washing day -- to tell her classic tale.