Selectman Kevin Kiley, rejected for nomination this year by the recent Republican Town Committee caucus, has decided not to fight for a spot on the November ballot via a primary.

"The elected members of the Republican Town Committee and the campaign team were determined to go in another direction — without me on the ticket,” Kiley said Monday. “After careful consideration, I have decided not to move forward with the primary process. I wish them well in the upcoming election season."

The RTC nominated relative newcomer Laurie McArdle to be first selectman candidate Chris Tymniak’s running mate for the local election. McArdle is finishing her first two-year term on the Representative Town Meeting. She was nominated last week by the RTC by a vote of 44 to 22.

Kiley has spent more than two decades in public service, starting first on the RTM, before moving on to the Board of Finance, where he served as its chairman. He was appointed to the Board of Selectmen in 2012 to fill a vacancy.

RTC Chairman James Millington sent an email over the weekend informing party members of Kiley’s decision.

“I want to thank my friend and our Selectman Kevin Kiley for his 22 years of service in elected office and for his dedication to our town,” Millington wrote. “Kevin has always been someone who has supported our town, candidates and party through good times and bad. He has been a trusted advisor and loyal supporter of our party”

Millington said the standing ovation Kiley received at the end of the party’s nominating convention “was a testament to the high level of respect we all have for Kevin.”

He said there is “no doubt” Kiley has the ability and experience to serve in any elected office. “Today, Kevin decided to put the best interest of the town of Fairfield ahead of his own desire to continue to serve as selectman.”

Millington did say that Kiley believes he would be “well positioned” for a primary against McArdle, but decided instated to “focus his efforts on other avenues to serve our community.”