LAWLOR: Responding to responses

My email address is at the bottom of this column — it encourages people to write to me. I also get responses on social media. I don’t respond to most, mainly because I’m bone lazy. I will, however, now try to summarize the last year or so of responses to my columns.

On a column about pesticides killing bees, a few people wrote they were passing it on to their state or federal representatives/president.

On the column on whether or not my wife’s 92-year-old aunt stole Tom Brady’s Super Bowl jersey, most people sympathized we are a divided family of Giants vs Patriots, except Joe S. who wrote “Who cares? They suck. You suck. Go Cowboys.”

Some people write to me to suggest column ideas: Actual example from JM Q: “Can you write a column about people washing their hands in public restrooms?” A: No.

I did two columns on Flat Stanley. Some people thought that was one or two too many for a paper doll that kids send around the world. By the way, for those few interested, Flat Stanley is now in Florence, Italy.

On my New Year’s resolution column written by my 5-10 year old nieces and nephews (one of which featured my kindergarten niece who was going to marry this boy she calls “Sweet Baby”), Theresa writes, “Our daughter actually did marry the boy she met in kindergarten. They dated when they were 16 and got married July 2015. But she never, ever called him, “Sweet Baby.”

On the column I wrote about the annual jump in the water on New Year’s Day changing its name in honor of the late Bobby Kaps, I got a slew that talked about Bobby. They said “wonderful man.” “A great guy who will be missed!” “Bob captured our hearts and souls” “Weeping all over again.”

This last election cycle inspired a few columns; one was about why Hillary should ask me how to get in touch with young people. She did not, and look what happened. The other was about voting for a third party called Angry White Male. Tobias wrote, “I prefer Perturbed White Male. Seems a bit friendlier. There is a little Zen peace for me personally when it comes to voting third party.”

I wrote a column on Fairfield at one time being named the ninth-best place to live in America by Money magazine. I wrote about an example of that was the Pequot Library’s kick-off of the Summer Reading program with a giant potluck dinner and sleepover. It featured the local group Merwin Mountain band. The event was founded and organized by Children’s Librarian Susan Ei. At the time, she had run it for 12 years.

Most wrote how great the band was and how great Susan was. Sadly, Susan passed away last month.

The teaching-my-child-to-drive column inspired Ben S. to write: “Five hours after my oldest got her driver’s license and I sat down to enjoy a late afternoon Diet Coke, the call came. ‘Dad, a car hit me but we are all OK.’ I quietly said a thank you prayer that the inevitability of that first accident was over and she had instantly become a veteran driver.”

Thank you for the feedback. I am still trying to figure out a way to write a column on washing hands in public restrooms.

Thomas Lawlor lives in Southport with his wife and two daughters. His “Father’s Journal” column appears every other Friday. He can be reached by email at