Keith Schubert, a 45-year-old auto technician from Norwalk, didn't mince words Wednesday voicing support for a small group that brought its campaign to Fairfield calling for President Obama to be impeached.

"Impeachment would be fine with me," Schubert said after stopping by the pro-impeachment display set up by two New Jersey residents in the LaRouche Political Action Committee.

The impeachment drive is sponsored by a PAC bearing the name of Lyndon LaRouche, who has mounted a fringe candidacy for president several times and whose political movement has sponsored thousands of candidates for other offices.

John Scialdone and Chris Sare, both from New Jersey, brought the LaRouche campaign to impeach Obama to Fairfield, setting up their table near the Cumberland Farms store on the Post Road, where they distributed literature and petitions calling for the president's impeachment.

"What Nixon did wasn't anywhere near what this guy is doing," Schubert agreed. "Even Woodward and Bernstein, they're even coming out saying, `Whoa, what are you guys doing going after reporters?' "

Schubert said he wants Obama impeached because of the terrorist attack on the U.S. diplomatic station in Benghazi, Libya, last Sept. 11 and its aftermath, as well as revelations that the Internal Revenue Service scrutinized conservative groups seeking non-profit status, and the Department of Justice's secret collection of phone records of Associated Press reporters.

Patrick Migliore, 19, of Fairfield, who also stopped by the LaRouche display, said he was following the DOJ's collection of AP reporter phone records, but hadn't followed what the IRS had done.

He said literature distributed by the LaRouche PAC was "compelling" and that he thinks Obama is "a little sketchy."

Riley Wikman, 19, of Fairfield, who was with Migliore, said Obama must have been aware of details that have emerged about all three scandals. "He definitely does. He's our president so he has to know about it."

Wikman was less specific about what should be done, saying, "I'd be down for something that's just going to better America."

Ann Marie Kidwell of Fairfield said she stopped by the LaRouche display because she is "tired of the corruption in politics."

"When did it start and why is it growing?" Kidwell asked.

Scialdone and Sare also advocated for two legislative goals during their Fairfield visit: Reinstatement of the Glass-Steagall Act to prevent banks that accept deposits from using that money in the stock market, and the formation of a Select Committee in Congress to investigate the terrorist attack in Benghazi. They asked passersby to contact their congressional representatives to ask them to join as co-sponsors of bills for both of those issues and asked them to donate money to the LaRouche PAC and join it.

The men favor Obama's impeachment as well.

Scialdone's greeting to passersby who walked up to their table was, "Wanna help dump the dictator?" and the sign that faced the Post Road said "Impeach Obama," "Glass-Steagall Now" and "Bankruptcy, Not Bailouts."

Sare held a sign that had Obama's likeness emblazoned with the word, "Nerobama," a reference to the historical figure who played the fiddle while Rome burned. "He was brought in by [George] Soros and the gang," Sare said of Obama. "They're just taking down our Constitution. It's being shredded."

Sare said members of LaRouche PAC have 40 to 50 booths set up around the nation on a daily basis, and Scialdone described the PAC as "an educational movement" that had "very in-depth" literature. Sare said they planned to be outside the local Cumberland Farms before scandals involving the IRS and collection of reporters' phone records came to light this week and that LaRouche PAC called for Obama's impeachment after the military went into Libya without congressional support.

"It's not a question of should we impeach him," Scialdone said to a passerby. "It's the law."

Evelyn Toros of Trumbull said she was driving to the local UPS Store on Post Road when she saw the booth and made a U-turn. "I think they should have one of these at every corner," she said.

Toros said Obama should be removed from office based on "a combination of everything."

"We do not need a president that bows to Chavez, that kisses the rings of the emirs," she said. "This is America. Protect our borders. My family had to come through Ellis Island."

Scialdone blamed the financial meltdown and bailouts in 2008 on the repeal of Glass-Steagall and said the "real story" of Benghazi was the Obama administration arming Al-Qaeda in Syria, which he said would be the next war that the U.S. is likely to enter. "We're not being invaded by Syria. We're not being invaded by Libya. These are aggressive wars," he said.

A steady stream of people walked up to the display over an hour Wednesday morning, and Sare said LaRouche PAC had no plans to return to Fairfield again in the coming days.

"There's no substitute for just going out and talking to people," Scialdone said.